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GodBomb! by Kit Power (Goodreads Author) ebook finder bookstore amazon free

Help! tell plz as GodBomb! by Kit Power (Goodreads Author) ebook finder bookstore amazon free

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Book description

Exceptional. Far beyond all expectations I might have had regarding quality. I know most of my friends have given this novel high praise (thats how I came to read it), so I was expecting it to be good, but the writing herein is well above your average small-press or indie author. Id even risk saying that Kit Power is one of the best writers working today, at any level of publishing. Id have to read more of him, of course, but right now, Im very impressed.What Kit Power was able to accomplish with character development in such a short period of time matches the skills of Stephen King and Herman Koch. Power is not afraid to look deep into the hearts and minds of those he writers about. While the book reminded me a small bit of one of Kings early novels, his Bachman book Rage, GodBomb stands on its own legs. I would even say that Powers novel is better than Rage and Rage is one of my favorite Stephen King books. The ending was the highlight of the book for me. Those who know me will understand why. I dont want to give even the subtlest of hints, because, while its not necessarily a twist ending, it did shock me. I thought for sure we were headed one way, and Power took me a completely different direction. I cant say whether or not youll be shocked, but that was my experience. Being a opioid junkie of ole, I especially liked Mikes history. I did heroin in the late 90s and early 2000s, before I met my wife and managed to kick the illegal stuff, and currently am what they call a functioning addict because of my need for high-dose narcotic pain medicine due to a chronic back condition. Im not sure if Kit Powers ever chased the dragon, but he sure nailed the character of Mike. Bravo.I dont know nor will I theorize about Powers religious beliefs, or if he has any at all, but I believed that his characters were devout. If hes not a practicing Christian, I commend him for making these characters believable. Its hard to be respectful of characters with this level of faith if youre not a believer yourself. I know how hard that is. I ran into problems while writing one of my books, trying to make a Christian woman believable while keeping her from feeling overly silly. Its a testament to the power of this book that I found it so engaging when in reality I hate religion of any form. I dont mind religious people as long as they dont try to convert me every time we see each other, but I do hate the gimme-gimme structure of Christianity. Lord, please let my sports team win the big game.Lord, please let me win the lottery.Lord, gimme, gimme, gimme, Amen!Oh, and I cant forget the pastors and preachers of the world. But their gimme-gimme is called tithing. Then they can be like Joel Osteen in his million dollar mansion and say These are just blessings! God is GOOD! When translated, that statement reads My congregation is GULLIBLE! Praise the Almighty Dollar!Ive lost some of you, and thats okay. That means you wont be around for me to offend later. If youre still here, high five. Good job thinking for yourselves. *smooches*In summation: Kit Power is a talented dude. While he reminds of the best, hes definitely got his own style. A style I image will be a pleasure to read for years to come. Final Judgment: What a blast!Kindle Unlimited Money Saved: $31.93Quality of books: $6.98

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